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Wedding Vision Inspirations

When planning a wedding in this day and age of pinterest, wedding websites and the mirage of images that brides are faced with each day, my suggest in a tool for wedding planning that is invaluable is finding your inspiration. Inspiration helps to give a focus where the choices are literally endless today of how to create your wedding day. That focus becomes a guide post to judge everything against. The question of is this part of my inspiration or is it just a pretty idea that someone else can create  for their wedding becomes the new ruler that every idea comes up against. The inspiration can be wedding related or not. The main factor is when you see it or think about it, it says wedding to you. Yahoo Voices helps to guide you in your search for your inspiration in this article.

Click on the link for the full article. http://voices.yahoo.com/wedding-color-scheme-inspiration-where-look-10865247.html

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Personalizing Your Wedding Day

We see many brides come through our doors who are looking to make their wedding day special with its own flare. We have done weddings where the entire flowers fit into the bridal couple’s theme. Such as our “fire bride” who was marrying a fire fighter and wanted all of her flowers to look like flames. Each of her bridesmaids were a building color to the flame. We even had a bouquet to honor her sister who had passed a few years before. Her bouquet rested on the red shoes that had been dyed to match her bouquet. All of these tiny and large details really personalize the day to stamp the day with the mark of the couple.  Here are a few photos of the building colors of the flames!

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We have bride’s who personalize in more discreet ways like this bride who’s favorite color is green and green flowers graced the church, bridal party, and reception space.

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And then we have our brides who’s theme carries over into the entire wedding theme for not only the bridal party, ceremony space, and reception but also into the guests attire, and the reception theme. Our Hawaiian bride is shown here who’s theme was enjoyed by all creating a luau for all of her family and friends to attend.

hawaiian wedding 2 jodi4

Lei wedding Hawaiian wedding


And so we ask you, what is your theme for your wedding day? What are some words to describe the vision you are dreaming of? How can the flowers on your day speak to that vision and create a fantasy come to life?

Expert or DIY


Today I am going to share with you why having a florist create your wedding flowers is something that is worth it’s weight in gold or the price tag which ever you may prefer. In this day in age where Pinterest photos are popping up daily for wedding flower ideas that are stated can be do-it-yourself projects, it’s important to gather the facts of the situation.


Wedding flowers are something most people coming to me have never purchased and therefore have no idea what they cost. There are the online guides that give some guidelines but most brides and grooms are intimated to look at the price tags of what flowers actually cost until they must and some begin to think about doing their own flowers. Here is where I need to remind you, it’s your wedding day, quite possibly the most important day of your life and a day that you would like to go off with out a hitch!

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There are a number of concerns that as a florist I take into account when planning and creating a wedding day for a bridal couple. What flowers do they love, what color schemes are they looking to create, what flowers are in season, are the flowers chosen hardy enough to complete the task being asked of them, and always always always what’s my back up plan. The last point may scare the bride and grooms to be a bit, and it’s not meant to scare anyone just the reality. Flowers are perishable, hurricanes happen during wedding season, shipments don’t come in, or worse customs holds the product at the port due to a problem. All of these concerns are challenges that I would say all florists have encountered. What to do if you’re the do it yourself-er here. Panic, that’s what. And that’s simply the worst case scenario.


The continuum of the process of designing wedding flowers is built with a pressure so big that most bridal couples I dare say should never have to deal with. And thankfully most don’t ever enter this arena to know the drama that lies behind those doors. We take our jobs very seriously around weddings and being a part of this special moment in time for the happy couple. We strive to make every last detail perfect. Details that to the average person are not a big deal until the day of the wedding when the details that are focused on make their day flawless and special. Please take a look at some of the gorgeous wedding days what our bridal couples have experienced with all the details in place making it a glorious wedding day!


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Falling in Love with The Fall Bride

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Fall is the most popular time in this area to have a wedding! The vision is complete with the crisp weather, beautiful colors available, and the gorgeous landscape providing a great backdrop for photos. And with each fall we see the choice fore  brides emerge  bringing their own trademark to their wedding or conforming to the traditions of fall. Many brides are stepping outside of the normal expectations in color choosing pallets that are outside of the orange, bronze, yellow, burgundy, and browns. Others are choosing to incorporate fall colors and pairing them with a brighter choice of purple or green. It all comes back to the question of what is your vision for your wedding day. What will you choose to embody your vision and create a perfect day? What’s your fall wedding look that you are seeking?


Yes to the ring

We are #1 Flowers and Gifts of Naperville, IL and this is our blog for our wedding showcase, give wedding flower ideas, and be your home to fresh new ideas! Our specialty is creating wedding days for bridal couples that they have always dreamed of! We do this by climbing into the couple’s vision, putting together all of the pieces of the vision, and then finally and most importantly creating that vision for their big day. Cookie cutter weddings are a thing of the past and each bridal couple is striving to have a day the emulates who they are as a couple. We at #1 Flowers get that concept and have adapted our services to meet the needs of todays brides and grooms. We will be providing here ideas, concepts, wedding day tips, and displaying our work from our very happy couples of our recent past. All florist are not alike to quote one of our previous customers and he is right. We are a separate resource that brings such a level of excellence to our work you and your guests will be amazed! We want to be able reach as many brides and grooms out there to make them aware of our specialty services.So thank you for joining us and we hope you enjoy! Please feel free to comment, share us, like us on Facebook, or all of the above.

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