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Today I am going to share with you why having a florist create your wedding flowers is something that is worth it’s weight in gold or the price tag which ever you may prefer. In this day in age where Pinterest photos are popping up daily for wedding flower ideas that are stated can be do-it-yourself projects, it’s important to gather the facts of the situation.


Wedding flowers are something most people coming to me have never purchased and therefore have no idea what they cost. There are the online guides that give some guidelines but most brides and grooms are intimated to look at the price tags of what flowers actually cost until they must and some begin to think about doing their own flowers. Here is where I need to remind you, it’s your wedding day, quite possibly the most important day of your life and a day that you would like to go off with out a hitch!

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There are a number of concerns that as a florist I take into account when planning and creating a wedding day for a bridal couple. What flowers do they love, what color schemes are they looking to create, what flowers are in season, are the flowers chosen hardy enough to complete the task being asked of them, and always always always what’s my back up plan. The last point may scare the bride and grooms to be a bit, and it’s not meant to scare anyone just the reality. Flowers are perishable, hurricanes happen during wedding season, shipments don’t come in, or worse customs holds the product at the port due to a problem. All of these concerns are challenges that I would say all florists have encountered. What to do if you’re the do it yourself-er here. Panic, that’s what. And that’s simply the worst case scenario.


The continuum of the process of designing wedding flowers is built with a pressure so big that most bridal couples I dare say should never have to deal with. And thankfully most don’t ever enter this arena to know the drama that lies behind those doors. We take our jobs very seriously around weddings and being a part of this special moment in time for the happy couple. We strive to make every last detail perfect. Details that to the average person are not a big deal until the day of the wedding when the details that are focused on make their day flawless and special. Please take a look at some of the gorgeous wedding days what our bridal couples have experienced with all the details in place making it a glorious wedding day!


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