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Personalizing Your Wedding Day

We see many brides come through our doors who are looking to make their wedding day special with its own flare. We have done weddings where the entire flowers fit into the bridal couple’s theme. Such as our “fire bride” who was marrying a fire fighter and wanted all of her flowers to look like flames. Each of her bridesmaids were a building color to the flame. We even had a bouquet to honor her sister who had passed a few years before. Her bouquet rested on the red shoes that had been dyed to match her bouquet. All of these tiny and large details really personalize the day to stamp the day with the mark of the couple.  Here are a few photos of the building colors of the flames!

blog pic 7 blog pic 8 blog pic 6

We have bride’s who personalize in more discreet ways like this bride who’s favorite color is green and green flowers graced the church, bridal party, and reception space.

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And then we have our brides who’s theme carries over into the entire wedding theme for not only the bridal party, ceremony space, and reception but also into the guests attire, and the reception theme. Our Hawaiian bride is shown here who’s theme was enjoyed by all creating a luau for all of her family and friends to attend.

hawaiian wedding 2 jodi4

Lei wedding Hawaiian wedding


And so we ask you, what is your theme for your wedding day? What are some words to describe the vision you are dreaming of? How can the flowers on your day speak to that vision and create a fantasy come to life?

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#1 Flowers and Gifts 1550 N. Route 59 Suite 132 Naperville, IL 60563 630-355-7744